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Nacho Picasso - In The Trump (Prod. By Harry Fraud)

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Salute to the homie AB.

Dom Kennedy - After School

John Lennon - Working Class Hero

Drawing LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers

by Heather Rooney


A Fred Talk for Good

CrowdRise is changing the way people give back again by partnering with Coinbase to show that bitcoin and charities were made for each other —- they just don’t know it yet.

On July 14th, Fred Wilson spoke at NYU about how bitcoin can help turbocharge online fundraising for charities. 

Please continue to give to CSNYC, the NYC Foundation for Computer Science Education. All proceeds will go to fund computer science education in NYC’s public schools.


Kanye West at Fat Beats Aug 1996

The original location of Fat Beats launched on July 14, 1994 which means FB just turned 20 years old! Business was doing so well 2 years in that Joseph Abajian decided to move the store from it’s small 9th St. basement space into a 2nd floor location on 6th Avenue. August 1996 (day?) was the grand opening of the 406 6th Avenue location. It was also the beginnings of our independent movement which had recently started bubbling about a year before. Yesterday I started converting old Hi8 video tapes to DVD and came across some interesting footage from that day. Now we had a lot of the usual suspects in the place that day such as ILL BILL, Arsonists, Lord Finesse, Adagio, Breeze Brewin, A.L. Skills, Percee P, J-Live, Mr. Live, Chino XL, Al Tariq, Black Attack, Xzibit, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Rawcotiks, Ak Skills, Rob Swift, Roc Raida, DJ Spinna and many, many more. But what took me by surprise was the appearance of this 19 year old kid who at that time nobody knew. Now I’ve had this person as a guest on my radio show years later, but it’s pretty crazy to see this footage in ‘96 and think “damn, this dude was in my house then?” and not even know. More to come….



James Rodriguez - World Cup 2014 Goals & Skills - Colombia | HD


Video was deleted by YouTube ( http://twitpic.com/e29vgn/full ) because of a privacy complaint and I feel like this one deserves to be on the channel. After many messages asking me where it went and to reupload, here it is. Can we get it back to 50,000 likes? :D 

Just Blaze talks rise of DJs, ghost producing, what it takes to be a great DJ & more

While best known as a hip-hop producer, Just Blaze started out as a DJ and currently co-hosts a weekly event at New York’s Webster Hall called, “House Party.” He’s also performed at influential EDM festivals such as Ultra and HARD. DJcityTV recently caught up with the legend to pick his brain about the rise of DJs, the practice of ghost producing, what it takes to be an amazing DJ, and more.

Commercial Drone Revolution


Commercial drones represent a revolution in insights – access to information that would otherwise be too difficult, dangerous, expensive, or downright impossible to get.

I saw this revolution coming three years ago, when I started Airware. I understood first-hand what it was like to be…